About Ula Salo Design

For more than 15 years programming, developing and designing, I have professionally and timely developed all the projects at the highest level in design and friendly for the client and user.

All my works are exclusively my designs and development. I have experience in Html, CSS, JavaScript, Fron-end, Back-End, UX-UI design, Bootstrap development, Ajax, ASP-Net, JS, PHP. Designs by Adobe Suite, Programming by Brackets, Atom and Sublimetext.

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Discover my design space

In this space, there are the trunks that keep some programming, development and design work.
Here I have delivered my experience, to be beautiful and friendly.

Programming, development and design in Fron-end and Back-end, bootstrap, UX-IU, Html5, CSS3, JavaScripst, Ajax, ASP. Everything from the beginning to the end, with development in Adobe Suite, Programming in Brackets, Atom and Sublimetext.

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My personal work in action

Hi, I'm Ula Salo Design, for years i have developed and designed digital platforms for years, also programming web applications, games in pure CSS3, work panels, and much more.

Enjoy my work, a sample of programming, along with the design in CSS3.

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